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Are you getting angry? Here’s how to control anger

Anger is the hardest thing for us to control. We don’t even know what to do when we are angry. When the anger is over, we have no choice but to regret what we did or said in anger. It has also been revealed that the instant anger of the accused is the cause of many murders that come to court. How to control this anger? Psychologists introduce us to some of the steps that can be taken to control this anger. Let’s look at them one by one.

#1. Go away

A man go away

The important thing is that we first recognize anger. Recognizing is the most vital step. Therefore, this identification is essential to control anger. If you are in an argument with someone, you understand when you get angry. Then you should immediately stop that argument and get out of there.

If you get information and then get angry, find a way to get rid of that topic without thinking about it. The important thing is that he does not realize that he is angry.

#2. Start to count


One of the things we are doing when we are young is to count from 1 to 10 and back again. The above-mentioned method is really good. What this does is free us from that angry mentality. If you are not busy, count from 1 to 100. That method will keep you away from anger a lot.

#3. Do some art work

How to control your anger-Doing some art work

Art is the best medicine for the expression and control of emotions. Your artistic ability to control the anger, impulses, etc. that comes with boredom will help you a lot. Write poetry if you can. Draw pictures if you can. If you do not have artistic ability, try to enjoy art. Watch a favorite movie. Listen to a favorite song. Your impulse will automatically go away.

#4. Do not make decisions

How to control your anger-Making a decision

This decision is the best thing for your future. If you make a mistake and get angry, do not make decisions. Because when anger comes our thinking process is changing. At that time we tend to make decisions without any sense of what is being done and what the future consequences will be. First, control your anger and make a decision. That decision is the best, right decision.

#5. If you cannot control

How to control your anger-A girl calling

Normally, a person can control his temper. If you feel uncontrollable, seek immediate medical advice. He or she will advise you to balance your emotions.

This way, it is easy to control any of your impulses. So try these methods to control your anger and live a happy life. You will get a solution.

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